Nuevo Toyota Prius +


27 de junio, 2012

¿Quieres saber cómo son las baterías del nuevo Toyota Prius +, cómo rueda o de qué forma funcionan sus diversos sistemas? ¡No te pierdas este vídeo!

Hemos conducido el Toyota Prius +, el nuevo coche híbrido de la marca nipona con siete plazas, una recién estrenada batería de ión-litio y algunas mejoras respecto al Prius convencional. ¿Quieres descubrirlas? ¡Aquí tienes este vídeo!

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Oliver 20 julio, 2012

sixpackdan Absolutly! buy a hybrid and doitrsy mother earth. Good god is ALL the car populus completly stupid. JUST because you save a few gallons of gas you morons think your saving the planet!!! B/S!!!! GET REAL the carbon foot print of hybrids is ABSOLUTLY stagering. Wake up and cut the crap. If your buying an over priced hybrid to feel good about yourself thats ALL your really doing. Those dam batteries and the associated systems punch up your carbon footprint to the hummer level!!!!! Get off your hi horse. If you REALLY want to impress me ride a bike or take public transportation. Drop the attitude…..your “saving” is a complete lie. I got a slightly modifiied Geo metro that get 60 mpg…..AND i dont have to drive like a douche to get that milage. Let me see ANY of your pos hybrids match that in EVERY day driving. My footprint is WAY smaller….jerks. Thats ok you will pay when you die. Mom earth is gona kick your azz. March 21 2011 at 11:40 PM +2 rate up rate down

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