Jeep Wrangler Mountain


14 de septiembre, 2012

Jeep lanza una nueva edición especial de su todoterreno por excelencia. El Wrangler Mountain está destinado a los amantes de la natuarleza que hagan de la montaña su lugar preferido de escapada. Descubre cómo es en vídeo.

En hemos podido probar el nuevo Jeep Wrangler Mountain, una edición especial de la que sólo saldrán a la venta 60 unidades y que incorpora el motor 2.8 DOCH de 200 CV asociado a una caja automática de 5 velocidades. Las sensaciones no ofrecen duda: estamos ante un todoterreno de los de verdad.

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Charlene 24 septiembre, 2012

i love the wrgnelar i love the wrgnelar. the black ops edition one is kinda lame. but honestly i dont want a guy in a suit telling me how tough a jeep is. if i were head of the jeep company i would demand that my reps to the auto shows all show up in jeans. it would connect them to the people who love their brand the most. the average working people of the US.

Prasant 26 septiembre, 2012

The Rubicon is very well built off road Jeep Wrangler. The two main differences bweteen the X and the Rubicon is that the Rubicon has a Dana 44 Axle front and rear plus it has the NP241 Rock Trac transfer case. It has a more aggressive 4.10 : 1 axle ratio which is more conducive to off roading and having a better Crawl Ratio which might be 4.0 : 1 (Need to double check that spec.) It also come with larger all terrain tires, a taller suspension and sway bar disconnects.The axles have differential lockers in them that lock only when the transfer case is in 4 wheel drive low range. The rest of the time the axles are fully differentiated and act as it they were open.If you want a very capable trail rig with some major off roading plans, then the Rubicon will be a great start on building your rig. If you only want a Jeep to drive around town with a little driving on dirt roads, the Wrangler X would be a better choice.

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