Euro NCAP: test Honda Civic

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Los últimos test de Euro NCAP han dado cinco estrellas al Honda Civic, que logra la máxima puntuación justo cuando el organismo endurece sus pruebas.

Euro NCAP: test Honda Civic1

Euro NCAP endurece sus test y, aun así, el Honda Civic logra la máxima puntuación (cinco estrellas) por la protección que ofrece a sus ocupantes. Si quieres ver todas las pruebas a las que ha sido sometido el modelo japonés, ¡no te pierdas este vídeo!

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Prasad 1 mayo, 2012

I have a 2006 Civic EX, and I’m fairly sure the sound sesmyts are wired the same so .this is my story.I recently bought an all Rockford Fosgate sound system for my car. I’m talking everything was Rockford the wiring kit, the amp, the sub everything. Since the 350watt system has an amp i figured i would not have to upgrade anything in the deck boy how I was wrong. If your going to to change ANYTHING on a 2005+ Civic, your going to need a converting kit since you do not want to mess with your Navi. system in the dash and your not going to be able to use the factory amp that is installed in your car(if you have the 350watt system). But even if you just have the 160watt, your going to have to up the wattage and still get the converting kit. That is going to run around $ 50 bucks plus not just anyone can put these things in then you’ve got the sound system itself. Mine ran for about $ 800 but that was top of the line but if you ask me, I wouldn’t put some cheap system like a Sony Xplode or something of that caliber .our Civics deserve the very best So basically I returned everything i bought .it sucked it all depends on how much your willing to spend. I was not about to spend that much at least not yet haha

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