Jeep conquista el Salón de Ginebra

Jeep conquista el Salón de Ginebra

22 febrero, 2012

Jeep presenta en el Salón de Ginebra 2012 tres modelos que muestran como será su gama para esta década. Grand Cherokee, Compass y Wrangler se podrán ver en la exhibición suiza.

La carismática firma estadounidense de todo terrenos, ahora bajo el amparo del grupo Fiat, contará en su stand de casi 800 m2 del Salón del Automóvil de Ginebra con tres automóviles impactantes:

Jeep Grand Cherokee Concept

Este concept muestra la que será la versión prácticamente definitiva del nuevo Jeep Grand Cherokee, con una imagen bastante espectacular, aunque con claros aires de familia que lo identifican como todo un Jeep. Este vehículo está movido por un motor V6 CRD turbo diésel common rail con el evolucionado sistema de segunda generación Multijet II, que proporciona 241 CV y unos buenos 550 Nm de par. Este mismo propulsor contará con una versión menos potente de 190 CV y 440 Nm de par.

La transmisión será la actualizada “Quadradrive“: cuatro ruedas motrices con control electrónico de la distribución de par en cada rueda.

Además de un generoso equipamiento de confort, con un completo sistema de climatización y de sonido, el nuevo Grand Cherokee contará con elementos como:

  • Control de crucero adaptativo.
  • Aviso de colisión frontal.
  • Detección de vehículos en movimiento marcha atrás.

Jeep Compass Concept

Jeep Compass Ginebra 2012
El color negro mate es muy agresivo.

También se trata de un concept muy cercano a la versión definitiva del futuro Jeep Compass. La espectacularidad de este vehículo está marcada por su pintura en negro mate, combinada con la clásica parrilla de 7 barras de la marca. Los faros en acabado negro y las llantas de 18″ en aluminio contribuyen a darle esa imagen de máquina agresiva.

Está dotado de un motor turbodiésel 2.2 de 163 CV y 320 Nm de par que irá adosado a una transmisión de 4 ruedas motrices. También existirá una versión con menos potencia y de sólo 2 ruedas motrices, con 136 CV sobre la misma base mecánica.

Junto con estos dos propulsores diésel, el Compass contará con dos motores de gasolina de 2.0 y 2.4 litros.

Como es típico en los automóviles americanos, ofrecerá un sofisticado sistema multimedia y de comunicaciones en su habitáculo.

Jeep Wrangler Mountain

Jeep Wrangler Mountain
Edición especial del Jeep Wrangler.

Esta edición especial limitada del Wrangler cuenta con accesorios originales Mopar, como las llantas de aluminio de 17″, entre otros elementos exclusivos.

Disponible en negro, blanco brillante, Dozer o verde bosque, esta serie especial puede ser equipada con el motor 2.8 turbodiésel de 200 CV y 460 Nm de par (que será la más vendida en Europa) o bien con el nuevo propulsor de gasolina 3.6 V6 denominado “Pentastar“, de 284 CV.

Pese a su espartano y característico aspecto, el Jeep Wrangler puede contar con diversas comodidades electrónicas, como un sofisticado equipo de alta fidelidad.

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Sinan 4 marzo, 2012

I have heard this as well. Jeeps were made to be simple macihnes. They are one of the easiest cars to fix or upgrade. You must realize that they don’t drive like that way you think they would. Like previously mentioned, it is a great first car, but if you are looking for a car to last you 10 years with practically no problems, a small truck is the way to go. Jeeps are definately fun. Few things compare to driving in a summer day with no doors on and the soft top off. Owning a Jeep make you part of a different subculture too. If you want to learn some general repair skills, go with a Wrangler. Get a Chilton’s manual, and find a friend who knows cars. As far as the reliability aspect goes, I would try to find a YJ (87 95). It was the second model of the wrangler family of jeeps and was in my opinion the best model balancing newness and authentic Jeep feel. I’d look for a YJ from 93 95. These are more reliable than the new TJ models but are still new enough to where they can be under 100k miles. (ive seen a few, but they are rare)Jeeps retain their resale value for a long time too.Hope this helped

Kornbred 6 marzo, 2012

Reducing weight is a great way to alaginrmly increase your gas mileage. But your gains will be small don’t expect miracles. Taking the rear seat out is good. You could also remove your spare tire for in town travel most people have a roadside assistance membership these days. Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct PSI tires that are even a little less full than they should be can cause you to lose MPG.As for your back seat and having people ride back there .you would need to check your state laws they vary from state to state. I’m not condoning having someone ride back there but from a legal standpoint, I’m sure there are some states that would allow it.As for your A/C system I wouldn’t bother. Its more trouble than its worth. The clutch on the compressor spins freely and does not eat up any horsepower when not in use. If you removed the compressor, you may run in to problems routing the serpentine belt not to mention you will need a smaller belt all together. The mileage gain you may get from removing the system would likely take you quite a while to recoup from the purchase of the new radiator serpentine belt. The rest of the system does not really weight that much There is the condenser, which is about 10 pounds, misc. tubing, an evap unit, and the coils under your dash. Not worth it in my opinion.As for removing the mechanical portion of the 4WD you can’t without replacing the entire transfer case. The transfer case under your jeep is a singular piece that bolts on to the back of your transmission. It has a driveshaft that runs to the rear axle and another that runs to the front axle. If you remove it your jeep will not drive. If you purchased a 2WD transfer case, you could then bolt that up to replace the 4WD, but why bother? The weight difference is maybe 10 pounds.Stick with the rear seat and spare tire. If the weather is nice where you live, keep the top down as often as you can. The wind resistance on your hard/soft top causes lots of drag.If you have oversize tires ditch them for OEM tires. The larger the tire, the less MPG you get.I don’t know what year your Jeep is, but if it is still under warranty, removing the A/C system and more importantly, the transfer case WILL void your warranty.Good Luck!

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